Team Lu Su or Team Cao Cao? (one side believes we can all get along despite our differences and can work together for a better future, the other side believes they are better than everyone else and should just bow down and kiss their feet)


Your phrasing seems to indicate that you’re not a fan of “team Cao Cao”.

that doesn’t even make sense. Lu Su isn’t a “leader” like Cao Cao was. You might as well ask “team Yuan Shu or team Cheng Pu?”

Sorry, but i have notice that you don't put Hypothetical Route in Yuan Shu faction's story. Don't you mind if you make it?


You can do whatever you’d like to do. I don’t own Yuan Shu. Nobody owns Yuan Shu.

Why was this my immediate reaction upon reading that?image


How this all started:

It has been almost a month of constant fighting amid the murky deep of the internet. It started as a public outcry over an incident involving the personal relationships of several gaming industry individuals. Now, four weeks later, it has turned into something I couldn’t…

I played dw7 empires for passing the time. In free mode (each leader a piece of land. I gave liu bei his land with his sworn brothers. After a few months in the game, he sudden had 4 pieces of land. I barely start my conquest. He's hungry for power..


That sounds like him alright.

Jeez, that’s a slow start. It’s always my IMMEDIATE strategy to blob out and swallow as many single county territories as I can before hunkering down and devoting to weapons/training.

But then, I do always play as the Zerg…

Did Cao Cao really write a military strategy book that was basically plagiarized from earlier writings (with his copy called the "New Book of Mengde") as the SGYY alleges in chapter 60?


He did not.

Cao Cao did write a book on military tactics, and he had copies distributed among his generals. This might refer to his annotated version of Sunzi’s work, or it may have been a wholly original manuscript - someone more familiar with the history of military literature or Chinese literature in general might be bale to shed clearer light on the subject.

The story about Cao Cao’s war manual being plagarized, mocked, and destroyed is just another fictional tale invented to slander him.

Didn’t you say something about people accusing Cao Cao of writing The Art of War himself and just attributing it to Sun Tzu?

Sun Ce's last words to Quan notwithstanding, what do you reckon would have happened if he hadn't died so young? Would Wu have been a stronger state (if he decided to establish it) or do you think it fared better under Sun Quan than it would have under Ce? What kind of emperor would he have made?


It’s kind of tough to say.
Sun Ce gathered many of Wu’s fighting men, but most of the scholars and literati who helped it to succeed as a state in its own right were drawn by Sun Quan - many of them even seem to have rejected Sun Ce, since a lot of them joined just after his death. Though Sun Ce had intellectuals of his own (Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, Zhou Yu, Lü Fan, possibly Gu Yong), others who would later prove to be leading figures of the state (Zhuge Jin, Lu Xun, Bu Zhi, and others) seem to have been reluctant to join him.

Sun Ce was certianly a more martial man than Sun Quan - but he was also very willing to delegate tasks to more appropriate people. While Quan might have been more qualified to handle the legal side of things, Sun Ce would certainly have been willing to leave such matters to Zhang Zhao, Zhou Yu, Lü Fan, etc.

At the end of the day, I think Wu would have been stronger under Sun Ce. He had most of the same strengths that Sun Quan had (his ability to judge talent and assign tasks accordingly), lacking only Sun Quan’s scholarly bent. But he was also a far superior commander. Even assuming he did not take a more aggressive policy, he probably would have succeeded in many of the campaigns in which Sun Quan personally led the army and failed (such as at Hefei). Provided that Sun Ce did not overreach himself and destroy the state by grasping after too much, Wu probably would have been larger and stronger under him.

As an emperor, Sun Ce probably would have been much like Cao Cao - someone who had a close relationship with his leading generals and the love of the common folk; one who led battles personally and often achieved success. Assuming that he left civil matters to others (which he usually did in life), I think he would have been a pretty good emperor.

That and Sun Ce allowed Quan to hold government positions even when he was alive, so assuming he continued to do so if he hadn’t died Wu would have had all the benefits Quan provided with his strengths as a leader (though probably to a lesser degree since he wouldn’t have been IN CHARGE) along with everything Ce brought to the table.

Dynasty Warriors Character Analysis: Liu Bei



TL;DR: I’m pretty sure you all know how I feel about both versions of this guy.

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